Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy holiday

The above Nativity scene was photographed in Lima; then transformed via first, Photoshop, then Painter. Note that Joseph & Mary are in native, Inca dress.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wyn Delano stars in "42nd St"

Grandson, Wyn Delano, is the lead as Julian Marsh in Santa Monica's Morgan-Wixon production of "42nd St." We're so very proud of him. Catch a glimpse of this 15 yr. old's performance at;80/watch?v=wVwqAA9iVSA.

Monday, December 17, 2007

In memoriam: FRANCES DREW

How sad that when I "googled" Frances Drew, I had only one hit...this close-up of a detail on one of the 2 Texas St. kiosks that she and Barbara Abbot created. Dear Frances died a month ago according to her son's communication with SRAC. Most recently I was wowed by her paintings in the reception hall of the Flournoy-Lucas Catholic church. They glow with dense color and religious fervor. When I called to tell her how beautiful they were, we had our usual hourlong chat and she did tell me that her physical condition had deteriorated. I wish I'd made the time for a visit.

I met Frances about a yr. after she'd gotten her B.A. from Southern, S'port. I was amazed by her expressive brushwork and use of color. If she didn't have enough $ to buy canvas, she painted on cardboard, on discarded pieces of panelling, anything that would hold paint. Our next meeting was in Joe Kincheloe's doctoral class at LSU-S. By that time she had a solid vita with a Master's degree and teaching experience. She absorbed the curriculum theory like a sponge and by the next semester was in Baton Rouge absorbing more. A car accident prevented her from fully completing her doctorate, and she returned to teach in Marshall, and worked at her art in her Egan St. home. I visualize her, wearing one of her mom's dashiki creations, sitting among her paintings, ceramic works and poetry tapes at Revel and Downtown Neon Sat. Night.

Shreveport's arts community has had a great loss. Could we do something special in her memory...any ideas?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deck the Halls at Artspace

Do visit the elegant Deck the Halls show and sale at Artspace. These two works are from my Silver Screen series....recognize any of these screen idols of yesteryear?


Artists, Sue Wafer, Kathy Brodnax, Diane Dufilho, Graham Mears, Laura Noland Harter join me for this show in Artspace's main gallery. Mary Virginia Hill & Jerry Wray will, at this time, show their works in the Coolspace area.
The pictured works are part of my new "Excavations" sculpture series. Parts used in the manufacture of munitions , munition pieces etc. are embedded into concrete, so as to explore and uncover their role in our society.