Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dr. Lake at Broadmoor Library

With witty humor, amazing scholarship, and great storytelling, Dr. Lake showed his audience how the Elizabethan poets and dramatists wooed the royal court and advanced theatrical arts far beyond that of Spain, etc. His reading and interpretation of some Shakespeare's sonnets, Richard 2 and 3, brought applause. I wish I'd had my camera out when he recited the famous, stirring, patriotic John of Gault monologue.
I learned that most of the sonnets were written by Shakespeare during the two years that the London theatres were closed because of the plague. Much to my amazement, I also discovered that his main source of income was real estate, not writing; so many changes throughout the centuries, but not in how artists survive.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wonderful new jewelry at ARTSPACE

New, exciting jewelry by New York designer, Gloria Lessler, is now at ARTSPACE's Giftspace. The colors are fabulous; and the prices for these one of a kind treasures are just so unbelievably reasonable. Giftspace manager, Tracye Ford is just unpacking these, so get there soon for the widest choice.

Gloria is a fine artist and craftsman, whose work I value highly. I have one of her brass medallions that travels with me wherever I go as it adds zing to my wardrobe. Pictured are two of her marvelous new creations that bring oohs and "where did you find that" whenever I wear them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New link to grandson, Wyn Delano

I'm so delighted that grandson, Wyn Delano, age 15+, has created his own website at His picture and various videos are posted as is his resume. You can also view his video explorations at YouTube....just type in the search box: Herowynn.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


At the MLK Intergenerational Quilters ARTSPACE opening, it was announced that one of the quilt pieces would be on display only that evening because it was to be packed and sent to Oprah the next morning. Its a spectacular red and white pine cone quilt and will be given to Maya Angelou. She'll treasure it, I'm sure, for its beauty, its warmth and the love, caring, and skill that went into its creation.
All the pieces in Topspace excited the eye with their vibrant color, the variety of forms employed and the eye catching installation. One highpoint of the opening was the performance of the Intercity Row Dance troupe, whose 3 works were tied to the black womens' experience and the art of the quilt. Their dance movements were enhanced and integrated with the artworks environment. The informative talk by Elizabeth Glover, founder of the MLK group, followed by her son's, our Mayor, delightful comments brought great smiles and interest. I especially enjoyed those moments when he had his arms around the entire group of "quilting ladies".

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quilters have outstanding opening night

The MLK Intergenerational Quilters exhibit is colorful and absorbing. It features many older quilts created by the MLK ladies, as well as some created w. a student group through months of Saturdays. Last night's opening featured one magnificent red and white pine cone quilt that will not be on display again as it has been bought by Oprah, to be given as a gift to Maya Angelou. Three Intercity Row dancers performed 3 beautfiul pieces particular to the creation of quilts by black women and received loud applause. Their performances were enhanced too by the electric background of the beautiful pieces. Also receiving resounding applause and chuckles were Shreveport's mayor, Cedric Glover and his marvelous mother, Elizabeth Glover, the MLK Intergenerational Quilters founder.

Friday, April 4, 2008

RELIC Program at Broadmoor Branch Library

These photos were taken at Broadmoor Library by Ms. Cannon during the break of the RELIC program, Session 2, ELIZABETH I OF ENGLAND AND HER TIMES. There were many more participants this week, including a group from Byrd H.S.
The evening's topic was "Years of Hope and Challenge". Dr. Cheryl White, with humor and insight, focussed on the problems Elizabeth faced as a 16th century female ruler. I concluded that Elizabeth would today, be termed a centrist, taking a middle path to soothe her contentious Catholic and Protestant countrymen. She also continued to rule as the Virgin Queen, countering arguments for marriage with a rationale that emphasized her committment to England. Dr. White referred to this as Elizabeth's "marriage game".
Next week's topic is "Life in Elizabethan England" with the primary facilitor, Dr. James Lake. Ira and I are looking forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The opening reception for the MLK intergenerational Quilters exhibit at ARTSPACE's TOPspace is Friday, April 4th, 5:30 pm-8pm. The show continues through May 3rd. Don't miss meeting these talented ladies. Not only are their beautiful quilts interesting, but their stories about the quilts, themselves, family, etc. are also absorbing and wonderful. I had the opportunity to spend some time with this group a few years ago, when Willie Middlebrook was SRAC's Artist in Residence. Willie and his team, me included, always looked forward to the hours with the MLK Quilters.