Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Pictured are 3 of the 5 pieces I'm submitting to "Deck the Halls".

Remember that the actual works to be juried are due at Artspace by Tuesday, Oct. 21. As a Roster Artist, your work will automatically be accepted, but the works must be at Artspace by the above date. There is a limit of 5 paintings, 7 sculptures, 5 photos, 7 pieces of pottery, 15 units of jewelry, et al. for display, though a few more may be submitted to the jury. No giclees will be accepted.

Friday, November 14 is the Opening Night Party. Participating artists will each receive 10 invitations to share w. friends. The exhibit will close Saturday, December 27th.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Robinson Theatre

A NYC friend phoned last week insisting that I just had to see "Vicky Christina Barcelona"; that it was the best film she'd seen in years. So I looked at the Tinseltown, Bossier 6 ads, but no VCB was listed. I searched again on Saturday, and hoorah, Robinson was showing the film. Isn't it great to have a venue for films that the "big guys" avoid.
Ira and I went to the 5:30 show today, and with about a dozen others, several enjoying their Happy Hour drinks from the cafe, enjoyed Woody Allen's take on "what love is and isn't". I treasured the Barcelona setting and shots of the Gaudi architecture, the Miro mural at the airport, the flower and bird vendors on the Rambla that were so familiar. I know why my NYC friend was so enthralled: Woody Allen has a definite NYC perspective in his direction plus his use of narrative to advance the plot and give insight to the characters; the close-ups. It sure is a wonderful film, tho' perhaps not the best I've seen in yrs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Thusfar the news of the thusfar lackluster Republican convention is being generated by the media re Gustav and Sara Palin, rather than the spotlighted speakers. Well! Gustav has come and gone, but I'm still trying to learn who Sara Palin is.
I think the media would be questioning a lack of urban, national and international experience in any candidate, male or female. I wonder whether governing the Alaskan state, w. its particular geography and priorities, can translate into the comprehension of the complexities and problems of densely populated metropolitan urban areas. Much as I applaud McCain's choice of an intelligent woman whom he sees as a Republican "maverick", and a social conservative, I'm still wondering about his choice, though through my eyes, its better than either Lieberman or Romney. I also wonder about the kind of person, male or female, who would put a 17 yr. old daughter and an infant son who will require lifelong care, through such agonizing scrutiny for what essentially is a better job. Does being Vice President trump being a state governor? Would she have the same kind of clout w. McCain that Cheney has w. Bush? Is she a leader, or would she and Cindy become a twosome in hostessing events, spearheading domestic projects, et al? Lets hear more of her views re health care, re our economy and our aging infrastructure, re foreign policy. At least the media isn't commenting on her hair-do, clothing, etc. Hoorah!