Monday, September 8, 2008

Robinson Theatre

A NYC friend phoned last week insisting that I just had to see "Vicky Christina Barcelona"; that it was the best film she'd seen in years. So I looked at the Tinseltown, Bossier 6 ads, but no VCB was listed. I searched again on Saturday, and hoorah, Robinson was showing the film. Isn't it great to have a venue for films that the "big guys" avoid.
Ira and I went to the 5:30 show today, and with about a dozen others, several enjoying their Happy Hour drinks from the cafe, enjoyed Woody Allen's take on "what love is and isn't". I treasured the Barcelona setting and shots of the Gaudi architecture, the Miro mural at the airport, the flower and bird vendors on the Rambla that were so familiar. I know why my NYC friend was so enthralled: Woody Allen has a definite NYC perspective in his direction plus his use of narrative to advance the plot and give insight to the characters; the close-ups. It sure is a wonderful film, tho' perhaps not the best I've seen in yrs.

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