Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bubble wrap

Started working yesterday on my installation for the POP bubble wrap exhibit that opens on May 21. I've drafted a good studio assistant, Ira. Here, you see him cutting strips of the wrap that I'm hanging in the archway between the gallery and Giftspace. We've sliced miles of bubble wrap; finished one huge roll and we're just about halfway into the 7'x6' area. But we hope to have a wrap by Friday...meanwhile we've been utilizing our hot tub to soothe our aching backs, feet,
hands. When you walk through my "TamaGate", I hope you think its a worthwhile experience, lots of fun too.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hoorah; Jazz at the Barnwell

The Barnwell was busy last evening. Not only was the outdoor jazz concert scheduled, a large exhibit of jazz related photos displayed in the large gallery but also the watercolor group was opening its show. I'll have to return to look closely at the photos and watercolors. For me the crowning jewel was the performance by the Luke jazz group, five of the most talented musicians in our area, 4 from Natchitoches, Chris Allen from Shreveport.
This was the first of 5 or is it 6 Thursday night jazz performances at the Barnwell on the riverfront. This year, the tent is larger and placed on the lower river deck with tables near, under this tent plus others on the upper patio. The sound system ensures good listening in the entire area. The musicians have their backs to the river and its rather glaring until the sun goes down a bit. We sat under the tent so as to better see the performers and found the decibel volume to be high enough not to do so again.
These guys were great. Apologies if I get the names, spelling wrong, but...Luke, the group leader, on a classic acoustic guitar had a wonderful sound, fascinating technique, Chris Allen on the bass sounded good and was fun to watch as he poured himself into his instrument, Sammy Nix was super on the drums, Dr. Forsythe played a smooth sax that often drew applause and Mr. Rodriquez made my heart sing when he played that marvelous trumpet. This evening was very special. If you weren't at the Barnwell, you missed a really special event.
And to add to the great music, I chatted w. Freda Powell whose sparkplug talents engendered this event, Mary Ellen and Dave Foley, Talbot and Robert Trudeau, and Kathryn Usher who had set up a table of her wonderful art wares for sale. The Barnwell Board sure goofed when Freda's contract wasn't renewed; they won't find anyone better suited for the job.