Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm delighted to serve on the Artspace Exhibition Committee that this week, heard finalists' proposals for works that connected, responded to Holst's Planets, 7 parts, each titled w. the name of a planet. The Shreveport Symphony will present the Holst work in about 7-8 weeks; the Artspace show will open then.
In January, at a meeting of Roster artists, Conductor Michael Butterman and Artspace creative director,Bill Joyce explained their visions of the possibilities in this collaboration of the Symphony and local artists. Each of these artist proposals was very creative, well conceived, so exciting and responsive to the musical "planet" section content. They proved that our art community is challenging the status quo. It will be a thought-provoking, blockbuster of an exhibit. I look forward to it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We Remember Frances

Family and friends, colleagues and mentors gathered yesterday at Artspace to celebrate the life and art of Frances Louise Drew. The paintings that will be on exhibit starting March 7 truly proclaimed her presence among us. Several of her evocative, meaningful poems were read, and special memories were shared.
We learned from her sisters that the family called her Louise, that she not only was a visual and literary artist, but that she also played the piano, the drums, saxophone, clarinet and guitar, that they and their father would sit and draw when they visited their grandmother's home on Sundays. I remembered Frances' story about this house: that she was fascinated by the random patterns, colors of its newspaper covered walls.
Henry Price reminded us that Frances was the editor of her college yearbook; he brought copies of those yearbooks and we looked at her young lovely face full of promise. He termed her, Shreveport's Van Gogh. She continued on that academic road to achieve a Master's degree, and was ABD, "all but dissertation" in her goal for a doctorate in Curriculum Theory. Luberta Meyers shared some memories of Frances in high school and on the winning baseball team. June Phillips brought a 30 minute video of an Artscene interview; how wonderful to hear Frances' voice talking about her work.
Her colleagues in the Willie Middlebrook Residency project, Kathryn Usher and Jamie Sanders, were present. Kathryn brought photos of the kiosk that Frances & Barbara Abbott created. Joel Blue sent a wonderful poem that was read. Jane Heggen related how Frances' generous and welcoming ways made her feel. The Pamoja Drum Circle provided just the right rhythms for us to Remember Frances, her generosity to her family, friends, church, and community. It was a very special day at Artspace.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gallery talk, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 4pm

I will be at Artspace this Tuesday at 4 pm, talking about my work, the pieces presently in the "Six" exhibit. Looking forward to seeing you there.

This is a detail from "Autumn Autobiography".
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The upper photo was taken in Ancud, Chile in January, 2008. The lower composition was created using Painter during the summer of 2007.
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Saturday, February 9, 2008


SRAC and Pamoja will be "Remembering Frances", deceased local artist Frances Drew, at Artspace. Please bring your Frances Drew paintings, drawings, ceramics, jewelry, books and poetry tapes to Artspace on February 23, from 1-4 pm. Those present will be sharing their memories of Frances, thusfar one dance troupe is performing; her poetry will be read.

Your treasured works will be registered and you will be given a receipt for them; a photograph will be taken of you with your paintings, et al. The Artspace staff will install these works for a "Remembering Frances" exhibit opening on March 7 and closing with a reception on March 21.

If anyone has photographs of Frances at work, in her studio, at Revel, at Downtown Neon Saturday Night, in a classroom teaching, wherever, please contact Leigh at Artspace, or SRAC, asap.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Web album of my work in SIX at Artspace

Whether or not you've been to Artspace recently, you might want to look at the web album I've posted that includes my pieces in the show, various views of each and close-up details at