Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perfomance Night at ARTSPACE

The jury had to have had a hard time selecting the winner of the Bona Fide Performance night; every performer was outstanding and kept the audience of 60+ enthralled.
My photo is of Carlos Colon reading his group of Elvis haiku. Nan Dozier dazzled us as she enacted several of her poems...I especially liked "Hips". Buddy Flett was in the audience cheering for sister, Laura Flett, who enchanted us with her "Show and Tell" style of performance. Shirley Campbell exhibited pictures of her subjects and made us feel close to them. And Poetic X dominated the space with his magnificent rap style rhyming poems about his craft and his life, and captured the coveted prize. Talbot Trudeau accepted her Bona Fide prize for her sensitive and beautifully depicted self-portrait.
It was an exciting evening at Artspace and I do hope that such performances will become a permanent part of programming there.

Surprise at the UCLA E.R.

This a.m., after severe respiratory problems, grandson Wyn Delano was diagnosed w. bronchitis at the UCLA E.R. Imagine his disbelief as his buddy, Mark was wheeled in as a result of a trampoline mishap. The long arm of coincidence strikes again. I guess these two guys won't be in the classroom, but will be getting their homework done via email, texting + sharing complaints, for the next few days.

Friday, October 2, 2009

BONA FIDE opening night

Visitors to the Oct. 1 opening of BONA FIDE, the SRAC Roster Artists' show that will run through Oct. 17 at ARTSPACE, were impressed by the quality of the offerings of local artists and the installation of the works. I especially liked that the portrait of each artist and their artist statement were exhibited with his/her body of work. The portraits are so well done, thanks to photographer, Byron Gates, Jr...I was awestruck by mine. Please go to YouTube for my video of the grand event: Bona Fide, Oct. 2009

Next Thursday, Oct. 8 at ARTSPACE, the poets and performers will be center stage at 7 pm: Shirley Campbell, Carlos Colon, Nan Dozier, Laura Flett and Poetic X. The $1000. Best of Show and Visual Exhibit awards will be presented later that evening.