Saturday, October 30, 2010

At last, cooler temps

Last weeks soaring temperatures reminded me of the unexpected super high ones we experienced in Venice this past August when starting our cruise adventure with our grandsons, Wyn and Dane. None if any of the public buildings were air conditioned, and I was grateful that we were on group tours so that we didn't have to stand in long lines under the broiling sun to visit the various tourist sites. The brilliant light bounced off white domes, gilded ornaments, the canals, erasing most details, and making shaded benches, arched arcades the best places to be.
This painting, just completed, harks back to that time. Its on Japanese rough paper, covered w. a layer of torn tissue paper and medium. I used palette knives so as to avoid details, and hope my viewer will experience with me that intense light and heat.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As the local sportscaster was reciting the woes of the Saints losing the game, I remembered a special delightful moment.
I wore my Saints Championship T this past May when I was touring the Acropolis Museum in Athens. There were many school groups also visiting this beautiful, new museum that looks out onto the Acropolis and houses treasures found there. As I was gazing with wonder at the amazing display of the pieces of the Parthenon frieze, the Greek original ones and in plaster, the copies of those held by the British Museum, a youngster left his group and walked up to me. He pointed to my shirt, and in very good English said slowly and solemnly, "I like your team. I watched all the games I could and I was happy when they won the championship." I asked him whether he played American football; he told me he played soccer. I wished I had worn that T over another shirt so that I could've given it to him.
I haven't given up hope; perhaps I can buy another championship T this year.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The mailman delivered a great package yesterday from dear friend, Cynthia Maris Dantzic. The brightly colored cover of this postcard sized book, and the title ALPHABET CITY: Signs of New York, had me picking it up and going through it immediately, page by fascinating page. Cynthia's photographs of New York City's creative signs and her selection of those with alphabetic whimsey provide lots of chuckles as well as beautifully composed and colorful subjects, i.e. the scissors and comb that become an "A" in Barber Shop, or the fork that's an "E" in Eats. There are 30 delightful postcards in this volume. What a perfect stocking stuffer this book would make. Its publisher is Fotofolio, ISBN 978-1-58418-126-2.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

illustrated by Rob Shepperson

Received a card yesterday from friends, Lea and Bob Shepperson, letting me know that their son, Rob has illustrated a new children's book, MEMORY BANK. The author is Carolyn Coman and is targeting 8-12 yr. olds. MEMORY BANK has received great reviews and will no doubt be on many thoughtful gift lists for youngsters. I'll head to Barnes & Noble soon and it'll probably find a spot on my bookshelves too, as I think the best children's books are worth my time and money. My applause to Rob Shepperson as the reviews for his illustrations will surely help make this book a prize winner.