Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As the local sportscaster was reciting the woes of the Saints losing the game, I remembered a special delightful moment.
I wore my Saints Championship T this past May when I was touring the Acropolis Museum in Athens. There were many school groups also visiting this beautiful, new museum that looks out onto the Acropolis and houses treasures found there. As I was gazing with wonder at the amazing display of the pieces of the Parthenon frieze, the Greek original ones and in plaster, the copies of those held by the British Museum, a youngster left his group and walked up to me. He pointed to my shirt, and in very good English said slowly and solemnly, "I like your team. I watched all the games I could and I was happy when they won the championship." I asked him whether he played American football; he told me he played soccer. I wished I had worn that T over another shirt so that I could've given it to him.
I haven't given up hope; perhaps I can buy another championship T this year.

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