Saturday, February 9, 2008


SRAC and Pamoja will be "Remembering Frances", deceased local artist Frances Drew, at Artspace. Please bring your Frances Drew paintings, drawings, ceramics, jewelry, books and poetry tapes to Artspace on February 23, from 1-4 pm. Those present will be sharing their memories of Frances, thusfar one dance troupe is performing; her poetry will be read.

Your treasured works will be registered and you will be given a receipt for them; a photograph will be taken of you with your paintings, et al. The Artspace staff will install these works for a "Remembering Frances" exhibit opening on March 7 and closing with a reception on March 21.

If anyone has photographs of Frances at work, in her studio, at Revel, at Downtown Neon Saturday Night, in a classroom teaching, wherever, please contact Leigh at Artspace, or SRAC, asap.

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