Sunday, April 6, 2008


At the MLK Intergenerational Quilters ARTSPACE opening, it was announced that one of the quilt pieces would be on display only that evening because it was to be packed and sent to Oprah the next morning. Its a spectacular red and white pine cone quilt and will be given to Maya Angelou. She'll treasure it, I'm sure, for its beauty, its warmth and the love, caring, and skill that went into its creation.
All the pieces in Topspace excited the eye with their vibrant color, the variety of forms employed and the eye catching installation. One highpoint of the opening was the performance of the Intercity Row Dance troupe, whose 3 works were tied to the black womens' experience and the art of the quilt. Their dance movements were enhanced and integrated with the artworks environment. The informative talk by Elizabeth Glover, founder of the MLK group, followed by her son's, our Mayor, delightful comments brought great smiles and interest. I especially enjoyed those moments when he had his arms around the entire group of "quilting ladies".

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