Saturday, October 18, 2008


As I sorted through the photos taken on our last voyage, I was struck by the 3 I've posted because of their content. We visited Rye, a charming town w. narrow cobbled streets, old and older cottages and churches, fortresses and town gates, in Kent, It was a port when the Brede River was deeper and the coast was nearby. Its Mermaid Inn was the meeting place of pirates, smugglers and seafarers, drawn by the huge Romney Marsh. The middle sign is a cheeky reminder of the Inn's antiquity.
A reminder that street names and #s are a comparably recent invention can be seen in the first photo of The House With two Doors. The house across from the Mermaid was "The House Opposite" and there was another House with a Seat. I can understand that residing in a place that trades on its history and charm can be a bit much, so I appreciated the sign posted on a house in an especially ancient lane, in the 3rd photo, that poked fun at tourists and tourism.

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