Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New camera

I've been exploring my new Canon T1i, and am so delighted that I can actually change the various settings so easily. I've experimented with ISO settings, picture quality and white balance ones. I worried about my ability to learn how to use the digital camera, so am relieved that Canon made it a no-brainer.
I did have to use the USB cable to transfer photos into my also new netbook; there is a card reader but it didn't read the Class 6 SDHC chip. I've downloaded a new BIOS from Asus and will try again. The netbook doesn't have a CD/DVD player, so when I tried to download my Adobe photo programs via my flashdrive, they gave me an "illegal" pop-up tho' I'd downloaded them to the flash drive using the right code...I've sent Adobe a Help! email. I do have other photo programs that came with the camera that seem to be OK. I do intend to transfer photos from my netbook onto my desktop via that flash drive when we're on our next adventure in France.

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