Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meltdown: Cause for concern

According to Bill Nye, speaking on CNN last pm, the cesium released in that nuclear reactor explosion, indicates a meltdown. The Japanese authorities claim it to be a 'Partial meltdown" that like being a little bit pregnant? Mr. Nye, a reliable, credible old timer in dealing with scientific perspectives on the media, noted that the Japanese have a historical SOP of underplaying critical events so as not to be blamed, not to bring on panic in their heavily populated island nation. The MD, interviewed later on CNN said that the iodine pills being distributed will not ward off anything but thyroid cancer.
I haven't heard a single media weather person comment re which way the winds over this cesium laden area re blowing...if towards the US, should we all be wearing radiation badges, staying indoors during a certain time period? if toward the Asian mainland, shouldn't they be taking precautions for their populace?

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