Sunday, January 13, 2008

Journey Notes: Day One

The top photo was taken as our ship came into the port of Montevideo. Ira & I were then having breakfast on our verandah, watching the sky lighten as the city came into view.

We toured, after 2+ hrs. in a coach, Colonia de Sacramento, a 16th century fortress town occupied by the Spanish and Portugese throughout the 16th-18th centuries. Its on a peninsula, blocked off by a wall from the countryside. Differing architectural styles are evident along the narrow stone streets. These paths are not "cobbled", but are sharp, uneven and make for difficult walking at times. The bottom photo shows how the streets radiate from the main plaza down to the river. On the 1730 cathedral's main altar was the huge golden sacramental piece that the city is named for. Lots of charming small eating places and we enjoyed lunch at the Meson de la Plaza. At a patio table, seated next to a huge family gathering, we sipped on a local wine and especially delighted in the super sweet dessert crepes filled w. caramel.

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