Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jazz at the Barnwell: The Sidemen

A large crowd gathered on the patio of the Barnwell Center, Thursday evening, June 12, for the 4th in the Friends of Barnwell Jazz Series: two more are scheduled. So nice to see such a cross section of our local population coming together on a summer's eve; and staying and enjoying in spite of a sudden, heavy shower.

The Sidemen are an outstanding group and the applause was loud and long for "St. James Infirmary", "Josephine", Shake, Rattle and Roll, "Europa" et al. I didn't catch the names of every musician, but was delighted with the thrilling riffs of the two guitarists, the cool drummer with a great voice. Johnny Broussard on the sax and Henry Riggins on the keyboard made me feel that I was back at the Village Vanguard. The 2 hour session was just too short; I could've listened to their music for at least two more.

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