Friday, July 4, 2008

Crinums Start Blooming

Its really miraculous! Yesterday the crinums in the front flower bed were just a mass of long freen leaves. This morning, five inch thick stalks appeared bearing many large red buds, even one bloom. Though not very long lived, these flowers are spectacular and I know that summer has truly arrived when they bloom.

When Ira and I were in Amsterdam, traipsing in and out of each of the shops in the famed Flower Market, we saw crinum bulbs for sale. Each was two to three times the size of my fist! Our crinums are pass downs and I'm quite sure weren't anything approaching that size, but may be so now. We'd have loved to have bought a few, but our US Ag laws prohibit bringing in any bulbs that are not from a certified grower....I never did find a "certified grower", even in the Keukenhof.

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