Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Awoke this am to find our street packed w. parked cars. During the summer, this isn't unusual as there's a swim club nearby, but today it was people voting before going to work. How great! At about 9 am, Ira and I walked to our polling place and found many cars jockeying for parking places and lines at the voting booths longer than we'd seen in many a year.
I enjoyed seeing lots of neighbors and former PTA acquaintances that I rarely otherwise meet. We had just a 25 minute wait from time of entry to time of departure, but noticed as we left that lines had gotten longer. We both had marked the newspaper sample ballots with our choices, so that shortened our stays in the voting booth. So many state and parish propositions, amendments!!
I hope there's an 80% or even more voter turnout. Its time to show the rest of the world democracy in action; that we can respectfully, without upheaval, etc., agree to disagree; that in spite of the too many layers between each citizen and governing, that the system still works and that we work to improve it.

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