Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exciting Evening

I sure did enjoy last night's TV with the eye-popping hologram and touch screen technology analysis of CNN + the various favorite is Carville, the insights of Brooks and Shields and the historians on PBS, the views of the NYC crowds in Times Square via ABC. I'm overjoyed with the results: that Mary Landrieu is still our Senator, that Barack Obama will be our President.
Though I at first liked John McCain, his war perspective, that the answer to tough problems is a military response, plus his pandering to the conservatives placed me in Obama's camp. I hope that Obama's idealism doesn't translate into a Jimmy Carter presidency; that he understands that he can't please everyone and that our country has majorities as well as minorities. Obama's choices of those in top jobs will tell us a lot about his future program. I hope that w. the Congressional majorities, he follows LBJ's lead in doing as much as he can for our country's infrastructure, etc and the arts. I don't care for his medical plan as I believe a single payer system would be a much better solution.

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