Saturday, April 18, 2009


If you missed last pm's opening because of the heavy rain, other commitments, whatever, don't miss seeing the marvelous exhibits; each fabulous in its own way.
"A new Revolution" on the main floor (see my You Tube video) gives the viewer a first look at what's been happening in the art world of a Cuba forbidden to US citizens. These artists work from a variety of perspectives, but their country and way of life is seen in every work, be it in the bkgd. of a map, an environment of flora and fauna native to Cuba, or the ideal of national brotherhood.

Graham Mears' works are awesome. They are so huge and doused w. intense color that the viewer can enter at will into the artists' quirky, wonderful world and enjoy the experience. The photography exhibit featured w. the Mears show, has an anonymous artist as creator. (The photos are recent and thus a US citizen may be prosecuted for illegal travel.)These works reflect some nostalgia for the artist's father's country of birth, and gave me a kinder, perhaps even tourist, view of Cuba, with its beautiful vistas, colorful Caribbean island scenes, haunting street scenes.

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