Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Spa outshines 16 yr. old predecessor

This is an unedited clip of Ira in our new Hot Springs spa. Wow! Amazing features make the old hot tub that we enjoyed for so many years seem like a Model T. Digital controls, underwater colored lights, a massage group of jets that actually moves up and down your back, another set gently massages while others create massaging body luxurious. And when the tub is covered, no motor noise! Its a bit smaller than our former spa, so we have more space in the spa hut...this morning we enjoyed breakfast there, listening to and watching the birds at the feeder.

I did shoot footage of the installation process, but need time and patience, and probably a new computer program, to edit the AVI format clips into a video for YouTube.

Note: Do go to for a delightful article about my Mr Palisades grandson, Wyn Delano.

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