Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Jazz at the Barnwell

Sorry that I missed the Roster Artists' mtg. and the Trolley Tour, but so glad that I was at the Barnwell to hear Kellye Gray, Erich Avinger and Brendan Nance(?) perform. The evening was perfect with breezes cooling the attending crowd, tho' Kellye commented that she was singing against the wind. The trio enchanted, captured the audience; Erich's classic guitar and Brendan's bass fiddle and later, bass guitar rifs were soaring, heartfelt, creative improv whether classic jazz or bossa nova. And Kellye Gray: what a phenomenal performer! Her styling, skat, the use of her voice as instrument made me feel as though I was again in the Village Vanguard, listening to the early jazz greats:Ella and Sarah, etc. feet were tapping, my hands clapping.

And as lagniappe to the marvelous performance, I had the opportunity to chat w. Alan and Debby Dyson, each carrying sketch pads (Erich is Alan's cousin), with Judy Godfrey visiting from Abilene, w.Ed Allen retelling his memorable D.C. experiences w. the local WW2 Vets flight and that he was so impressed w. the welcome they received at the airport on their return from at least a thousand cheering citizens. Ed flew in a B-24 Liberator out of Darwin during that war. And the Murrays, Cynthia and Robert were in the nice to see them too & of course, Revel's Kip Hollaway and the exuberant Freda Powell, Barnwell manager, who arranged it all.

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