Friday, July 24, 2009

Helen Brown

Last Tuesday, Ira and I attended funeral services at First Presbyterian in Shreveport for Helen Brown. Her son Jim's eulogy was so perfect, and seeing his daughter Campbell with her children, the other handsome family members as well, made me think of how proud, and rightfully so, Helen was of her family.
I have great memories of Helen and especially treasure the many voyages to Europe and the Caribbean that we shared w. her and Jim. Though Jim had had bypass surgery, he and Helen were game for anything...we'd often wander with them through a city discovering museums and palaces not in the guidebooks. We'd be seated for dinner at large tables and Helen in her wonderful way would plumb everyone's life histories, and they'd be totally charmed and delighted by her interest. With Helen present, conversation flowed easily.
She was in many ways my role model as a lady who not only guided and supported her family, but also interacted with her community and friends in ways that promoted mutual growth. She was open to new possibilities, yet treasured tradition. She will be missed.

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