Friday, July 31, 2009

See video of GRAFFITI opening

Tonight's opening at ARTSPACE was eye popping color dynamite for a delighted large crowd: the artworks are so good; some pieces by ELSE and PUBERT are marvelously site specific. They seem to have enjoyed their time in our city. The works from the TimeOut gallery also on display showed various styles of this art from tagging to portraiture. The third floor's photography exhibits were also well done and well received. I especially appreciated how the photographer of Banksy's work not only showed an enlargement of his work but also a photo of the site itself. Silva's photos are always special and those of Memphis graffiti in this group were eye catching. I confess that I just didn't sit and watch Robert Trudeau's documentary...perhaps because I was having trouble catching the narrative amidst the noisy I'll return and do that plus take a closer look at the graffiti that the Artspace patrons added to the "brick wall", look at the special jewelry in Giftspace, and enjoy the vibrant colors of the exciting, well executed art pieces.

I did shoot some video with my Flip type camera and uploaded it to YouTube: "Graffiti at ARTSPACE" is the title; or look at "artsmaven75". The above photos show my attempt to graffiti with acrylics the toy car I gave to Dr. Tobin Grigsby, the Graffiti show sponsor.

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