Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monet's Water Garden

Mid-July, Ira and I were in Giverny and visited the Monet complex in the village. Though its still a lovely place, the hordes of camera carrying tourists( including us), many gardeners, vast souvenir shop reminded me that Claude Monet was better than the other Impressionists at marketing his work. A busy road runs between the water garden and the restored home and gardens; a safe tunnel, courtesy of the Annenburg Foundation, goes beneath it to accommodate visitors. I imagine that the water garden is spectacular when the lilies bloom, but alas the buds told us we were about a week early. Monet had a small boat that he'd row to various spots for different perspectives of this garden; the boat landing is intact. The gardens at the home are full of non-exotic plants that flower throughout the season, most you'd recognize. There are paved paths that run through and around these gardens. The bridge, house shutters etal are painted a harsh green, whereas I noted that his paintings indicate a white bridge of wood..this one is metal no doubt to carry safely the thousands of visitor's feet that pay admission.
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