Wednesday, August 5, 2009

St. Remy Olive trees

Above is my photo of some of the olive trees along the entrance path to the St. Remy clinic. According to the signs along this path, Van Gogh would set up his easel at various places along this pathway. I thought that this perspective of the older knarled trees with the limestone hill in the background would've been one that caught his eye. The sun dances off the olive tree foliage, the shadows are deep and the looming presence of the stone makes the wide variety of greens evident. In spite of the many tourists, visiting this Van Gogh site was a great experience. The fact that it remains a facility that treats patients with mental problems, albeit now utilizing art therapy; that the roads remain country lanes combine to make a tourist like me have a genuine
experience, rather than a Giverny gift shop one. There is a gift shop here; it sells the art works of the patients as well as the usual artwork copies.

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