Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at Sea

Our family, minus 2 grandsons, boarded the Emerald Princess on Nov. 22 for a week in the Caribbean. Ira and I presided as matriarch & patriarch over a dinner table of 9 laughing, chatting, teasing offspring and grandkids each was absolutely great. We celebrated Bonnie's Dec. 10 b-day early...she wore a lighted crown, courtesy of her clown sibling who also provided sponge ball cone projectiles that added to the gaiety.
The teenagers, Kate, Dane and Hero, who have great social skills, met teens from various countries and parts of the US, participated in so many activities that they enjoyed, and were tearful re leaving their new friends when the voyage ended. Of course, cell phone #s, Facebook, etal were exchanged and they'll keep in touch, at least for a while.

Our three, Keith, Bonnie and Shari hadn't been together in many years, and had time to catch up on news while they shopped, were at the casino, at the beach laughing at how each of their swimming styles hadn't changed...Kathleen joined in their memory fest. Ira and I especially enjoyed watching Keith dancing w each of his sisters at the Past Passengers party where we posed w the Captain upon receiving our 2nd Most Travelled passenger glass plaque and bottle of champagne.
It was a week I'll always remember with joy.

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