Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Nurnberg

Writing this in my cabin aboard the Scenic Diamond as we sail from Nurnberg to Regensberg. We've passed through 3 huge locks and for some of the time were on an aqueduct, looking down on roadways. Lots of ice at each of the locks, tho' the main waterway of the canal is clear. Its been cold: freezing temps or just a few degrees above that, sometimes w. sunshine. Today in Nurnberg, we visited the WW2 Documentation Center thats in a wing of the former Nazi Congress Hall thats shaped like the Roman coliseum. The photographs and films that have a Nurnberg connection, in 18 rooms were too much for one visit, but seeing and hearing bits and pieces was a great experience. We also saw the courthouse where the Nurnberg trials took place; courtroom 600 is being renovated now. The site of the Nazi Rallies still brings visions of those multi-thousands of avid raging Germans saluting Hitler as he stood on the "balcony" of Speer's stagy building...the latter is still there albeit without that swastika; grass grows on the parade field and the steps of the buildings here.

All the Christmas markets in the cities, towns we've visited have been closed since Christmas Eve morning. But there are so many shoppers everywhere, and Christmas merchandise is till abundant in every shop.

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