Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pre-Christmas in Amsterdam

We arrived at Schipol Airport to find the city covered with snow. Though we'd brought boots and walking sticks to help us over icy spots, we arrived too late to explore...our plane left Houston 4 hours late. By the next morning, most of the streets were clear, the sidewalks slushy so our short walk from the tour bus to the Van Gogh museum was slow. The on board guide had taken us around the city, pointing out various buildings, narrating other data that we wouldn't remember, before finally reaching the museum. Ira and I had a horrid time with our audio helpers and just surrendered them to the audio desk after 5 minutes of trying,; we read the ample signage instead.
The sun deck of our riverboat was covered w. snow and the few youngsters on board built snowmen, while the staff piled the white stuff onto a table and buried pots of ice cream and bottles of liquers for an adults' ice cream party. I indulged in hot chocolate laced with rum. With these cold temps in Shreveport, perhaps its time for more hot chocolate.

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