Thursday, March 4, 2010

Broadmoor Library:Dr. G. Joiner

Last evening at the Broadmoor Library, Dr. Gary Joiner delivered Lecture 2 in the "Perspectives on the Pelican State" series. We'd been assigned to read several chapters in Brasseaux, "The Founding of New Arcadia", and I found the information re Acadian Settlement patterns interesting. Dr. Joiner first defined Creole and Cajun, then explained how both groups came to Louisiana, their land settlement preferences and why. Though his explanation of the different land measurement systems employed by the English, the French and the Spanish, was more than I really wanted to know, I found the rest of his lecture worth my full attention.
These sessions are free to the public and will continue at 5pm, each Wednesday through Mar. 31, at the Broadmoor Library. This video provides a glimpse of Dr. Joiner's talk.

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