Thursday, March 25, 2010

Louisiana History Session 5

Last evening at the Broadmoor Library, Dr. Gary Joiner discussed the "Great Flood of 1927" and how it changed the politics of Louisiana. He referred to John Barry's "Rising Tide", one of the 10 best books he ever read. I'm about half through the book and do find the history and the cast of characters involved in the taming of the Mississippi River absorbing. New info to me, given by Dr. Joiner last pm, were that this flood led to the Dust Bowl, to the elevation of Herbert Hoover as a national figure, and to the election of Huey Long. Joiner's descriptions of the high water in Shreveport, in Mansfield were site specific and astounding.
There was a large audience for this event, but even if you missed it, do come to next Wednesday's final session about Earl Long, Wednesday, March 31, at 5 pm, Broadmoor Library.

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