Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Uncle Earl"

Gov. Earl Long was the great subject of RELIC session #6. Dr. Gary Joiner defined "progressivism", related some delightful personal and some news making stories about Huey and Earl Long. Both of these men changed LA,: the anti-Longs say "for the worse", the pro group claims "for the better". Dr. Bill Long, Earl's nephew, added his insightful stories about growing up next to the "Pea Patch". I learned Earl Longs' family were well educated, that Earl's daughters were professors of art, Latin...Earl and Huey knew however that to win an election, they had to be seen as "good old boys". Ira too spoke for a few minutes relating how his dad, Abe, met Seymour Weiss in Hot Springs, stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans and received a plaque and card giving him the title of LA Colonel, aide de camp to Gov. Earl Long.
The A.J.Liebling book, "The Earl of Louisiana" was a good read and the movie "Blaise" starring Paul Newman was suggested viewing.
This was the last of the RELIC" series. I hope LEH finds funds for next year's programs. You can see videos of the above on YouTube, Artsmaven 75, Uncle Earl Parts 1 and 2.

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