Saturday, June 19, 2010

This week's Kid Pics

I'm thusfar happy with my switch to an IMAC; perhaps just because the new computer is umpteen times as fast as my ancient Gateway. Both Bonnie and Shari emailed photos that you see here. Bonnie, in Panama, is posing with 10 year old friend, Julie, at a site that shelters starfish, she says "more than you can imagine". She included the name of the place, but I didn't think to save that. I'm using that starfish photo on y desktop; the clarity of the water is amazing...Hope there's no oil to be discovered under those sands.

Shari too was busy with her Iphone camera. Here's a picture of grandson, Wyn, with his "City of Angels" haircut. He was a lead in his high school production of that musical. And how did Shari get into Dodger stadium, into the Dodger dugout to have her picture snapped? That's a question for our next phone call; but neither Ira nor I are surprised.

Heard from Megan Porter that the POP bubbe wrap show has been extended. So if you haven't been at ARTSPACE yet, here's another opportunity to enjoy the show.

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