Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trapani tours

Our tour brought us to SEGESTA, once the center of the Elymian civilization: Trojans, Greek Phocaeans and Sicans.

The photos to the left show the unfinished 36 columned 5th c. BCE Doric Temple in that magnificent setting; the distance photo was shot from a bus that took us to the Greek theater high in the hills. The other two photos show the site of SELINUNTE, Segesta's enemy, founded in 628 BCE, destroyed by Carthage in 409 BCE. Only one of the eight temples found here has been restored. The restorers in the 50's reported that they couldn't be sure that the work they were doing was valid...that certain stones should be atop or next to one another, etc. So the other temple sites are piles of antique rubble. You can see how huge the columns, capitals were in these Doric structures.

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