Sunday, August 15, 2010


Grayson Dantzic, via a fabulously constructed slide show, took his ARTSPACE audience through his dad's photographic career. He included some amazing contact sheets, some of which included the images now on the gallery walls, photos of his dad's files, studio, and newspaper sources that he'd researched so well. The original TIMEX Jazz show video was also shown, a glimpse of a glorious past jazz era. Trudeau's local documentary of jazz artists was an eye opener re Shreveport's local jazz scene and our own wonderful musicians.

The Atchisons hosted a dinner party Saturday evening for those who'd helped with the "Club Dantzic" and the great exhibit of Jerry Dantzic's work. As usual the food and company were outstanding. I enjoyed meeting for the first time, Ginger Clarke, Steve and Janice Aiken, Brandon Oldenberg, Artspace's L.J. And I hadn't enjoyed the company of Sarah Herrington, Mark Hermosillo for too long a time. And my dear friend, Cynthia, Jerry's partner and wife enjoyed it all. Applause for whomever thought to record the music of the musicians featured in the show, and put them on a gift CD...the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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