Sunday, May 4, 2008

PLANETS: Don't miss it

Last night's reception was rather dazzling w. guests later attending the Robinson Film Center's gala opening or the Symphony's Ocular Odyssey, the latter being part of this arts collaboration. Bill Joyce in a Kentucky Colonel suit! And there were those of us heading for Cinco de Mayo at Festival Plaza. The works, from Nadine Charity's evocative visual poem melding aging w. the Holst music of Saturn toThomas Little's attractive front-window title mural,are extraordinary; I wish we could "travel" it so that we could crow about our exceptional local talent.
Look at Jane Heggen's bright kaleidoscopic painting relating to Holst's Uranus section; Don Alexander's amazing, beautifully crafted work re Mercury that moves, changes; Michael Herold's huge inflated spheres on which are projected a variety of imagery and Laura Noland Harter's sky box adorned w. feminine constellations and peek holes to witness moving, abstract shadows. Mary Louise Porter's sensuosly painted rotating large box set below 4 marvelous paintings evokes the music of Venus, and Bill Joyce's triptych of Mars is a nostalgic work re childhood stories of Orson Welles' infamous Mars radio show and the stories of a planet that had canals and little green men. Its a marvelous show...don't miss it at Artspace.

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