Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last session re: Elizabeth at Broadmoor Libray

Dr. J.Lake managed to make a long list of contemporary books re Shakespeare and religion interesting enough so that I was ready to stop at Barnes & Noble on my way home.

Dr. Cheryl White completed her tale of the life of Elizabeth in her later years. She felt that with the passing of many of those that'd been close to her, that the Queen was lonely; that she was a vain woman whose heavy white leaded make-up covered the ravages of smallpox and age. She spoke of the problem of the queen not specifying an heir, and told the story about her last 3 days when Elizabeth was ill and would not go to bed as she said that when she did, she'd die (and she did).

A History Book Club, with Dr. White as "leader" will begin in July at the Broadmoor Library. The first book to be discussed is one about Frances Walsingham, Elizabeth's spymaster. Please call the library for more information.

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