Saturday, May 10, 2008

Robinson Film Center: "In Bruges"

Last May, Ira and I were walking on the cobbled streets of Bruges. So when today we noted that the RFC was showing "In Bruges", we headed downtown. It was our first time in the Center and we were so impressed: by the ease of buying tickets, by the lovely foyer and small lounge, by the so comfortable theater seats and the theater itself.
We enjoyed the film, though I think if I'd counted, the word "f_ _ _ing" was used at least 100 times. We relived our tourist experiences of the ancient, dark Church of the Blood, the magnificent Guild Square, Town Hall, several cathedrals, and St. John Hospital amid other ancient buildings on the canal/river, the swans, St. Elizabeth's beguinage and the park. The acting was superb and the characters well-developed. I really did sympathize with the 2 protagonists, both killers for hire.

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