Monday, August 18, 2008

Its been too ong since I've seen you.

Eliot Organick's Bar-Mitzvah celebration brought together not only his relatives from different parts of the country, but also the local Jewish community and Montessori school friends. That handsome pair, Robert and Talbot Trudeau arrived with their son, Jett; once Shreveporters, Sally and Jack Cotlar said that their 2 daughters are now in Manhattan enjoying their fashion industry work; Susan and David Gross with daughter Sarah were on the dance floor for the hora circle (see above video). Rabbi Kawaler sang Hova Nagila as they got into the spirit of the dance.
At the table next to us was Ray Morris, now 91, who told me that Dr. Shavin sitting next to him w. his wife, Louise, was 101...what great role models for aging well. Carol Ginsburg, Teddy Kranston, the Abramsons too were enjoying Cookie and the Kingcakes' music. Cookie looked and sounded she begins her stint as a 3rd grade teacher at Queensborough....lucky kids! It was great to see Eliot's parents, Allen and Ellen, on the dance floor, also Ellen's mom, Lorraine. Lou Lewis chatted w. us as Justin Wolfson and Aunt Lila shared LSUHC, then Confederate Memorial, memories. It was a great day for Eliot and for all who celebrated with him.

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