Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Listening to Hillary

I didn't hear Chelsea's intro nor the entire speech, but I was glad I'd tuned in and heard that last half. Hillary's passionate oratory and delivery just different from those dispassionate data delivery talks at the start of the primary season. "My mother was born before women could vote, but my daughter could vote for her mother as president" thrilled my feminist heart. Her retelling of the Harriet Tubman experience, using "Keep going" as the amen chorus had me recalling days in Dr. Cloud's Southern oratory class as we read the great speeches of the past, and also resonated with the voice in me that breaks through my lows with that same admonition of "Keep Going". And wasn't it something to watch Bill's face as he "kvelled" while his wife spoke...a so much better face than that he showed during the primary. A good night at the Democratic convention

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