Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Making a Choice

Do voters get the kind of candidates they deserve? I attended the debate at LSU-S; it was broadcast on NPR, Red River Radio. The 4 candidates answered questions from the public, from the moderators, summary talks, and I was astounded that I could not work up any enthusiasm for a single one.
Mr. Bowen needed to do some homework; his replies were personal reflections of his philosophy. Mr. Kelley made some good points and was passionate, but his support of the regressive Fair Tax nixed my vote for him. I was surprised that he didn't espouse a Flat Tax (it isn't regressive). Mr. Fleming, whose ads and robo calls I despise, had been coached well and sounded statesmanlike. But his pejorative use of the word "liberal" as well as his support of the Fair Tax backed up my decision not to vote for him. And so there was Democrat Paul Carmouche...his ads weren't great either and he is pro-gun, pro-choice; says he'll caucus w. the Blue Dog Democrats. As a former D.A., I really expected a dynamic speaker who projected a big presence; he spoke softly, sans drama. So he'll get my vote, but how I wish there was a "none of the above" button to press.

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