Saturday, December 6, 2008

Voices from the Past

A familiar voice as I answered the phone, but no face to it until he said, "This is George." How great to hear from George and Arline Mascarich, now residing in Salisbury, Maryland.
I cant remember how many years since they left Shreveport for the West Coast, and now they're back on the East coast, but we've exchanged annual holiday cards. George was part of that A.T.& T. group that included the Butterfields, Smolenskis, Martinas and Fosters. Arline has usually included a newsletter so I got some news re Dorio, Serena and Tanya, but its never as good as a long chat. I have good memories of attending Serena's wedding, of enjoying teenage Tanya as house guest when we experienced our "empty nest", of fun partying at East Ridge CC and at the Cunninghams. What a delight to hear from old friends at this holiday season and to hear that all is comparably well.

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