Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sounds daft, but I was delighted to have had trouble finding a parking space last night for the opening of the ARTSPACE Tattoo exhibit, and smiled at the sight of the many Harleys parked in front, the jackets of the "Bikers Against Child Abuse" worn by their owners....very different from the usual art exhibit opening and to me, more interesting. Also enjoyed how the exhibit was set up by Leigh Elgin and Josh Porter: the timeline re the American Tattoo, a panel showing various tattoos and their owners with onlookers asked to match those up, the corner exhibiting various antique tattoo paraphenalia such as a machine made in a prison, a steamer trunk fitted out for a traveling tattoo artist, framed old "flash", etc. The only one I could match was that of Steve Ross and his Sparky dog collar tattoo, and that because of prior knowledge. The video, done w. Picasa is not edited, just stitched together, but it shows the gallery packed with viewers, a bit of the antique corner plus Jerry Davenport's art kids corner and Stu Stella working her henna magic.
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